Friday, June 3, 2011

Is It Just Me? (In Which I Confess That I'm Crazy)

I'm a sad, obsessive human being.
Why you ask?
Because... Here I am sitting in my bedroom staring at the Passion (Fallen Book 3) page on Goodreads.
Why again you ask?
Because... I am madly IN LOVE with that series... It's to the point where I made a little calendar while I was away at school and I have the day that Passion is set to be released highlighted and on all the other days I have a count down to its release. See what I mean when I say I'm a sad, obsessive human being... Sometimes... like now for example... I just like to sit and stare at the pretty pretty cover and wish that I was actually staring at the book itself... and then when I finally do get it... That is exactly what i'll do. I'll stare at it. Because I'll be too scared to open it because once I open it I won't be able to stop reading it and then I'll have to wait ANOTHER year for the next one. *whimper* Once I had this realization that I'm in fact a sad, obsessive person... I tried to think of all the other books that I'm hopelessly waiting for... among the list are...
1. Passion by Lauren Kate
2. Silence by Becca FitzPatrick
3. Crossed by Ally Condie
4. Hallowed by Cynthia Hand
5. Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

How sad it that?! And you know what's even more sad. When these books all finally are released... I won't be satisfied because at that point, I'll have 5 more i'm sure. Being a book lover is a never-ending test of my patience...

This all made me curious... am I like that crazy book reader who is way to in love with her books? Or is this pretty typical among the YA book lovers out there? Does anyone else stare at goodreads covers, or move books around on your shelves to make room for unreleased books? Or what my lovely co-blogger Nic does... actually tries to wait until all the books in a series are published before she starts the series? (Now I know that this is what she prefers and sometimes I really want her to read a book so I trick her into thinking that it's not a series to she'll read it and then she has to share in my pain of waiting...) Regardless... I totally envy her self-control... Even if she is super excited to read a book... she waits. Unearthly for example, she's had this book since just after it was published in January... I keep telling her she needs to read it but she simply replies with "Is it a series?" in which I say "Ugh, Yes." and she is all... "Then I'll just wait." and in my head I'm screaming.... HOW CAN YOU WAIT?! IT"S SOOOO GOOD. Nic you have no idea how much I envy your ability to buy a book and then just let it stare at you from your shelf. I, however, am weak. I will look at a new book... and it's like it haunts me until I devour it in a day...

Overall point here... Is that I'm pretty sure that I'm not alone... but sometimes I feel like a crazy person. I am fairly certain that the staff at the Edina (MN) Barnes and Noble have my cell number memorized from the amount of times that I've called asking if they have a certain book out yet... Also pretty sure that I might have my own shelf of ON HOLD books from those times that I've called and made them save one for me.

I'm nuts.



Nichole said...

Ya! You DO do that to me you trickster... However unlike you I am able to focus on other books and forget that I am waiting for a different one to come out so that when it DOES come out it's like a happy surprise.
Plus, I get this feeling when I know it's the right time to read a certain book and usually it's just not the right time for me to read some of those series that you want me to read. I'm weird, I know, but trust me when I say that it works out better for me in the end and that every book will have its moment off the shelf.

Delilah (Del) said...

Yea you are right... you are weird! :) BUT... I know what you mean about the "feeling" you get when you KNOW that you should read a certain book at a certain time... like right now... i'm reading an ADULT BOOK! weird huh?!:) (ignore the fact that it's an adult book by a YA author... hehe... Yay Ann Brashares!!))

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