Sunday, June 5, 2011

Literary Physics

After reading a book where the main character got to meet her long time literary crush... We were inspired to come up with a list of Fictional Freaken Hot Boys that we wish we real... and madly in love with us... However since we (Nichole and Delilah) are not the same person (although many people believe we are) we decided that two separate lists were in order. 

May I Present you all with:

The WHY AREN'T YOU REAL SO I CAN MARRY YOU LISTS: (in no particular order because that would be impossible)

1. Alex from Delirium     I love it when the guy notices the girl first and then decides that that's what he wants; that's what I loved about Alex. He also had that good-natured attitude that was very difficult to break. He was honest and sincere and brave. He was a passionate, trusting, and sure guy when it came to love and his relationship and he never lets you down or go crazy with jealousy; he never doubts you. And he knew how to say and show his love.
2. Tamani from Wings      Tam just sounds hot. My favorite accent is Irish and Scottish is close enough so I imagine him with this awesome accent. Then, green is my favorite color and he has these green eyes and his hair has the green along the part of his hair and he's described as being in really good shape... he just sounds very attractive to me. However, he also is very caring and protective and I love when a guy is capable and willing to protect you. I also loved how he was willing to wait for as long as he did, just so that he could be near the one he loved. His is the kind that doesn't end or falter; even in the face of jealousy. He's willing to fight for what he wants.
3. Will from The Luxe      He was so in love and so willing to do anything for that love... that's what I want from a guy. While sometimes becoming jealous, he was also more or less sure of himself and the one he loved. He was an avid reader which is relatable to me.
4. Dodge from The Looking Glass Wars     Like Tam, Dodge waited for a very long time for the one he loved and he never strayed to another. He was very protective and caring. He had a fun attitude and was un-selfish when it came to his relationship.
5. Prince Char from Ella Enchanted     This guy was like your best friend but lover; I love that in a guy. Someone you can show all of your secrets to and have the time of your life with. He had an honest heart and a good soul and loved fiercely. And he was always there right when you needed him.

1. Patch from Hush, Hush   Ok... I seem to have this obsession with the bad boy gone good idea, (I mean I'm am Team Damon after all), and Patch is like... the perfect bad boy fallen angel who is so SEXY and I just want to lock in my room (with me in it) and never let him go. He's super strong and so I would always feel protected, and his snarky little comments are SO HOT! I want him all to myself. 
2. Alex from Delirium    How can you not be madly in love with this boy after that ending?! I won't ruin if for you in case you haven't read it... but if you haven't read it you NEED TO... even if it's just for Alex. This is a boy that you KNOW would do anything for you... anything. Plus he's super hot... I imagine. 
3. Alexander from The Vampire Stalker    The thing that I love so much about Alexander is that he's all 'I'm old fashioned and don't want to ruin your reputation' and then at the same time he's all 'I'm a tortured soul who is destined to kick Vampire ass.' He's another bad boy... but good boy. My weakness. 
4. Dodge from The Looking Glass Wars   Another tortured soul who can kick ass. I love that he waits years and years for Alyss to come back and is STILL in love with her. I love the idea of the kind of love that conquers all that time, and Dogde is just so... perfect!
5. Archer from Hex Hall    Ok I love him... but if you've read Hex Hall then you know why I have a little chip on my shoulder towards him... BUT I am hopeful... I love how sweet, and caring, and happy- go lucky he is. He's a good guy... well then he's a mysterious skeez... (sorry for the minor spoiler but I'm a little annoyed with him...) BUT I LOVE HIM and hope that in DemonGlass he'll redeem himself. 

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