Friday, December 14, 2012

Review'd: The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear by Walter Moers

Book Review
Title: The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear
Author: Walter Moers
Published August 29th, 2006 by Overlook TP

Goodreads Summary:
Captain Bluebear tells the story of his first 13-1/2 lives spent on the mysterious continent of Zamonia, where intelligence is an infectious disease, water flows uphill, and dangers lie in wait for him around every corner.

"A bluebear has twenty-seven lives. I shall recount thirteen and a half of them in this book but keep quiet about the rest," says the narrator of Walter Moers’s epic adventure. "What about the Minipirates? What about the Hobgoblins, the Spiderwitch, the Babbling Billows, the Troglotroll, the Mountain Maggot… Mine is a tale of mortal danger and eternal love, of hair’s breadth, last-minute escapes." Welcome to the fantastic world of Zamonia, populated by all manner of extraordinary characters. It’s a land of imaginative lunacy and supreme adventure, wicked satire and epic fantasy, all mixed together, turned on its head, and lavishly illustrated by the author.

DeLibrarie Review:
Holy Hannah this book is amazing. Growing up I really enjoyed authors like Shel Silverstein and Roald Dahl. I thought the utter nonsenisalness (that's not a word but I'm going with it) of their storytelling was so fascinating. I was actually wondering through the fiction section in Barnes and Noble waiting for a friend to get off work when I happened across this title. The title itself was the first thing that drew me adult book called The Thirteen and a Half Lives of Captain ridiculous...but also intriguing . So picked it up and saw that it was compared to JK Rowling, Douglas Adams and Shel Silverstein and I was hooked. I started reading a few pages and was sold... I bought it...obviously. After the first 50 pages of nonsense I found it utterly enchanting. I figured that it would probably get old by page 700!!!! but was still super funny and still made me giggle every second. A lot of YA books can be pretty heavy... dystpic communities, world ending battles, epic love stories... this was just the opposite...everything was light and funny and perfect. :) You just need to read it. Don't be turned off by the's long...but it goes by fast. :)

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