Friday, December 28, 2012

Freaken Hot Fridays: The Vampire Diaries

Hey guys! So today me and Del went on a shopping excursion to the Mall of America. It was wonderful. The Forever 21 store there is phenomenal!! So we decided that tomorrow we will need to make another excursion to the Half Price Book Store AND Barnes and Noble (because we ran out of time for that today). So we intend on getting lots of books to add to our collections tomorrow (keep an eye out for our next In Your Mailbox meme this Sunday!!). I'm personally excited because there are two books that I really want to get (again, see our next Sunday post!). Plus I just love book shopping with Del because it's so much more fun when you go with a fellow book-lover.
But for today, I wanted to focus on the book and television series' versions of The Vampire Diaries.

I started watching the show first to see if the story would be any good and I loooved it. I mean, not only was the plot good, but everyone in that show is sooo pretty that it's kind of mesmerizing to watch them all interact. So then I decided to go out and buy the first two books in the series!

I read them both two summers ago and fell in love with it for the same reasons, except I was so surprised to find that the stories were NOTHING alike! It was fascinating! The show had taken some of the names and relationships from the book and then whether a character was a human, vampire, or witch, but other than that, NOTHING was the same... not even how the characters were supposed to look (not a single actor looked like their respective character except for maybe Matt, Elena's ex). I found this cool rendering someone did online of how Elena looks in the show and how she's supposed to look in the book. They detailed the differences all the way down to her different skin tones.... complete opposites in every possible way except for her body size. I thought it aptly portrayed the difference i'm describing here :) Plus it just gives a better image of the book Elena.

Usually when that happens I hate the show for it because they didn't get it right and they don't represent the book sufficiently thus ruining the story and what not. But because they don't even follow the same plot line or have the characters be true to who the characters are in the book (for example Bonnie being from Scottish mages in the book and then from Salem witches in the show), it just creates an entirely different world and story. So this is one of the few books-turned-into-show-movie series that I actually like and approve of.

So if you haven't watched or read this series yet, you really should check out both because they're both wonderful and so incredibly different that by doing one, you don't ruin the other. Both stories take you on surprising and interesting stories which I totally recommend. So check it out!! Woo Vampire Diaries!

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