Friday, December 28, 2012

Joint Shelf Candy

I'm going to be totally honest... I'm exhausted. I was stupid and went out with friends last night until 3 and then had to wake up at 6:30 am to go babysit my favorite little three year old ever, Henry. Little fact about me when I'm this tired: I completely lose my sense of humor. I don't understand your jokes... my jokes...are soooo not funny; it's just sad. SO... bear with me friends... I'm going to try and make this post coherent and entertaining but I'm not promising anything. ;) Luckily, Nic is here to guide me on the path to entertaining posts... even though she refuses to write. (scoff)

Onto the point of this post...BEAUTIFULNESS.
I'm sorry world...but everyone judges a book by its cover. We like shiny pretty things way more than boring not sparkly things. Just today Nic and I were in BN and she picked up a book to add to her "help me decided which book to buy" pile just because, and I quote, "I just liked this cover. I have no clue what it's about." That being said... I love this meme because it's all about pretty book covers.

I'm sure that we've done this one before...actually I'm positive that I've chosen it before but it's due to be out in just under a month, so we figured it wouldn't hurt to start talking it up again.

Nic and I love the cover of.....

I love the way that they smoke cascades off of her dress... and look at the sexy wave of a hair-do she's got going on!! I just love this cover and I've already cleared a spot on my bookshelf right next to Everneath. :) 

Keep a look out for this one. It's due to hit the shelves January 22nd, and if you haven't read Everneath yet... you need to get on that! (cough, Nichole, cough) It's a great read!!

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