Sunday, December 30, 2012

In My Mailbox

Today marks the last day of our local Half Price Books extra 20% off sale. Needless to say, Nic and I spent quite a while there yesterday. Not quite as long as both of us would have liked be we had other errands to run and I was getting antsy. (sorry Nic) I only got a few things so I figured I'd post those now and make sure to keep an eye out for Nic's IMM post that I'm sure she will be posting soon. She got a helluva lot of books yesterday and now that I think of it I only know a few of the ones that she ended up getting... so I am also looking forward to her post.

I never really spend a whole lot of time at half price book stores because I have found that they mostly have the first books in the newer series and not very many new releases. I'm one of those people that rush out to the bookstore the day the book is out, or even call the day before, and snatch up my copy asap. SO... usually when I go to Half Price I have a few very specific things that I'm looking for and if they have it great, if they don't oh well. I had gone in wanting to see if they had a copy of Unraveling Isobel, The Raven Boys or Enchanted Ivy. All of which they didn't have. I still managed to find a few gems among the shelves that were not already on my shelves at home.

Here's what I got at Half Price:
I found Dead Beautiful around the time that it was released and liked the concept so I snatched it up right away. Lately I've been focusing on the series in which I own all of the books that have been published so far. That way I won't have to go out and spend another 18 bucks the second I finish the book. I saw this one for 6 and say it as a sign. :)

Confession: I already own a copy of Unearthly. BUT... this is the British cover and the reason I like going to second hand book stores is because I found a British cover of Harry Potter 1 and the cover was really cool. So now I am always excited when I find an international cover of a book I already own. Plus it was 3 dollars. Can't pass that up.

So that is what I got from Nic and my quick trip to Half Price. The new Gwen Frost book came out the day before Christmas and I went to BN to pick it up and for some reason they have like all stopped carrying this series...which makes me sad because it's one of my favorites. My friend Dave who manages a BN in Minnetonka ordered it for me and texted me saying it came in today. I picked it up today and can't wait to start it. :)

I just really enjoy Gwen's story and while at times the books are a tad predictable they are always entertaining. I get a little agitated when authors write series with no end in seriously Janet Evonovich... 19 book?!  But I think that Jennifer Estep could write 10 more of these and I would still be reading them the minute I get my hands on them.

So that's what I've added to my shelves this week. :) What did you get?

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