Friday, December 2, 2011

Freaken Hot Fridays: Supernatural

It's Friday!! (Insert annoying audio clip of Rebecca Black attempting to sing) ;) Sorry if I got it stuck in your head. It's stuck in my head and I'm the misery loves company type. ;) Kidding... kind of. Fridays here on DeLibrarie is a fabulous excuse for Nic and I to talk about... whatever we feel like. The last FHF was about YA angel books... and how I love them dearly. This week... honestly has nothing to do with YA literature... but I've seen a lot of blogs that have little buttons or pictures on the sidebar... of supernatural. :) What I haven't really taken time to do yet on this blog... is freak out about how much I freaken love this series.

Let us go back to September 13th, 2005. I am a young 15 year old girl who is wrapped up in the world that is Gilmore Girls... I see a preview for a tv show that is premiering right after GG... and OMG that's Dean. Dean was my favorite of Rory's boyfriends... and I missed him. ( If you aren't familiar with Gilmore Girls... Dean is played by Jared Padelecki... who plays Sam in Supernatural. And for no other reason than to confuse the crap out of GG fans... they named Sam's brother... Dean. Who is played by Jensen Ackles) I watched the pilot cuddled up in my blanket with a pillow close to my face to cover my eyes if I got a little scared. After the episode ended... I was hooked. I haven't missed an episode yet. (I have DVR... so it's pretty much not possible to miss an episode)

Seriously, What is NOT to love about Supernatural?

You have Dean.

You have some seriously bad ass Villains...
1. Yellow Eyes
2. Lillith
3. Lucipher
4. Ruby
5. Crowley
6. Dick

They have the greatest recurring characters:
1. BOBBY!!
2. CAS!
3. Ellen and Jo
4. Becky
5. Rufus
6. Lisa and Ben

I love that they use mythological creatures that actually have real lore...
1. Vampires
2. Demons
3. Angels
4. Djinns
5. Werewolves
6. Wendigo
7. Bloody Mary
8. Ghosts
9. Shifters

Seriously that list could go on and on and on......

and my favorite thing about Supernatural... (other than Dean ;))...

The Trickster Episodes!

I can't decide which is my favorite... maybe the one where Dean dies hundreds of times... "pig in a poke"... or the one where they hop around in different television shows... "I'm sam... and I have genital herpes." :) They are the funniest... and I love them. :)

Seriously though... if you haven't seen this show... you seriously need to watch it. Start at the beginning though... this isn't really a series that you can just hop into... the returning characters might get confusing. :)


Unknown said...

I'm totally in love with Dean! I think he's hilarious and keeps the show lighthearted! I love the episode where they go onto the set of the actual show. That episode was awesome! You married Ruby?! SO funny

Delilah (Del) said...

:) I've been in love with dean since i was 14. (that rhymed)

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