Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why Can't They Last Forever?!

I just finished Until I Die and haven't started my next read yet... so I don't really have the ability to do a Teaser Tuesday today (Unless you want to hear about the awesome adult fantasy book I've also been reading about a man who buys a fantasy land). :) Since I don't have a Teen Teaser Tuesday to write I figure I would talk to you all about something I know is probably dear to all of us.... the last book in a favorite series. We all go through it... the anxiety of waiting for the final book to come out... and the hesitance to start it because we know that it's the end. I went through it for the first time with Libba Bray's Gemma Doyle Trilogy, I went through it twice already this year with Hex Hall and Wings and now i'm on my third. Rapture by Lauren Kate came out today. I raced to Target after work today and sped walked to the book section to grab my copy. I have this weird habit of picking the back copy in the stack of books (I have this strange theory that it has been touched less), and I saw this beautiful sticker on the cover that said "autographed copy." None of the other copies had that sticker so apparently my habit brought me good luck. I haven't even opened it yet... mostly because I hadn't finished Until I Die yet and I was so close to being done that I didn't want to start Rapture, but also because this is it. This next 400 some pages is all I'm going to get with that story... you know how heartbreaking that is?! SUPER HEARTBREAKING!!! I was fully aware at the start of this year that I'd have to say goodbye to my favorite characters pretty consistently. Most of my favorite series end/ended this year... Hex Hall, Wings, Fallen, Hush Hush, and Matched... it's a sad sad year, but on the flip side I read so many flippin' series that i'm always waiting for something.  Oh the life of a reader!

Do any of you have any series that you are dreading the end of?


SpockolateChips said...

I am dreading the end of the nicholas flamel books by Michael Scott. I am slowly reading the last one right now...kinda one page a day type of thing. I dont want to finish it because then it is done. I hear you and this is definitely something we have talked about quite a bit before. Congratulations on the signed copy by the way!

Delilah (Del) said...

I KNOW!!! Isn't that like super crazy that Target had only one copy signed?!? I didn't know that this new Flamel book was the last one... is it Enchantress?

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