Saturday, May 12, 2012

Shelf Candy

Happy Shelf Candy Day! ... I'm very aware that it's Sunday in like 10 minutes.... but don't care. :) So if you've read my recently posted review on Kiera Cass's The Selection... you know that I'm mega, crazy, awesome, super in love with it. SO.... I am going to talk about every aspect of it that I love for as long as I can before it gets super annoying. :) So you will not be suprised when I tell you that....

This weeks selection for the Shelf Candy meme is....

The Selection!!!!! by Kiera Cass

Isn't the cover preeeeettttyyyy... don't you want to pet it? :) Too creepy? I just loved the mirror effect. And the pretty dress. And America (that's the main character... I don't just have the sudden urge to proclaim my patriotism... but Go USA!) But my favorite thing about the cover is the pretty embossed crown above the title. I like to touch it... it's bumpy. I'm done being creepy now. :) What do you think of this SUPER AWESOME AMAZING COVER OF DELIGHTFULNESS? 

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