Saturday, July 23, 2011

Who's Got the Funk?

I've been in such a reading funk lately. I've been so busy with work, and trying to catch up errands, that when I actually have time to sit down and read... I can't keep my eyes open. It's a problem, especially when my book buying hasn't seemed to be affected. I have a zillion new books... and like NO motivation to actually read them... it's a problem. BUT, I think that my funk is over!! Today I'm nannying for an 8 year old, 6 year old, 2 2 year olds, and a 6 month old... God help me, but when they all decide to go to bed (and the 6 month old actually sleeps) I plan on catching up on my reading. :) We'll see how that goes...

Hope to have a lot more reviews up in the coming weeks... I NEED to make my TBR pile smaller! Also, within the next month or two, DeLibrarie is getting a make over!!!! I'm so excited!!! More info on that later. Until next time folks. (hehe folks)


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