Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Confessions of a Book Blogger

We usually do Teaser Tuesdays today but I JUST finished Girl of Nightmares and I really like this week's topic.

Blogger Confessions:
Ten secrets that revolve around the world of books. :)

1. I HATE paperback. 
I will spend the extra 10 dollars every time to get a hardback book. If I have a book in paperback sitting on my shelf, it pretty much promises that it will be sitting there for a long time.

2. I feel super dirty getting books from the library. 
It may make me a total book snob, but I hate libraries. I don't like that tons of people have touched the books before me. I like going to pretty Barnes and Noble and sipping a nice Venti black tea from their cafe. I'm a book snob and I've embraced it.

3. I grab the bottom book in the stack. 
On more than one occasion at more that one location, grabbing the book from the bottom of the stack has gotten me either a higher quality book, or even an autographed copy. It's my own personal little ritual. Even some of my friends who will buy me books, know to grab the back copy. :)

4. I skim through details. 
If the author is going on and on about a certain architectural feature, or landscape... I admit... I totally skim through it looking for key words.

5. I Secretly Want A Nook. 
I always tell people that I don't want one because I like the feeling of a real book in my hands... which is very much true. BUT... there are so many books and short stories that come out only in an ebook format that I just really want a Nook so I don't miss out on those.

6. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to my shelf system, but I can tell you where every book is, without fail. 
If Nic calls me and asks me to tell her where a specific book is on my shelves, I can do it without even thinking... and I have 6 bookshelves all either full or double shelved.

7. I Usually know how I'm going to rate a book by about 3/4 of the way through it. 
There have been a couple of surprises where the ending was so amazing that it had boosted the rating, but usually about 3/4 of the way through I book I can pretty much tell exactly what I'm going to say about it in a review.

8. I LOVE love triangles. 
I don't care how many authors use the one girl/two guys love triangle plot... I love it, I will always love it.

9. I almost always pick the guy that I'm not supposed to. 
Team Gale. Team Christian. Team Jules. Team Xander.Team Zenn. I don't know what it is about these "losing" boys... but I just love them.

10. I RARELY lend my books out. 
I've had too many horror stories where I lend my books out and they either come back ruined or dirty. There is a SUPER SUPER small list of people who I even let touch my books. Nic is really the ONLY person in the entire world who has free range to take whatever she wants whenever she wants. Even my sisters aren't allowed to take anything without some sort of insurance. :) My books are my babies... I make sure they are well taken care of when they are away from me.


Regan said...

You hate paperbacks?! Wow. :o

Totally agree with you on the library thing, though. You find all sorts of icky stuff in library books + I love my books in fantastic condition!

Delilah (Del) said...

Yea... I don't know what it is about paperbacks. Maybe it's hereditary... my moms doesn't like them either.

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