Friday, August 10, 2012

Freaken Hot Fridays: Supernatural

It's Friday and I know I've done this topic before but it makes me so happy..... so much so that I feel like I need to talk about it again so you all truly understand how much I truly love this topic.

Alright, Alright, I'll tell you! You don't need to yell! I am in love with the TV show Supernatural.

Let me take you back to 2005 with a happy little 15 year old Delilah enthusiastically watching the end of the newest Gilmore Girls episode. She sees that this new show is premiering immediately after GG and is about two brothers hunting these supernatural creatures in search of their mothers killer. The hook: Jared Padelecki is one of the brothers. Jared played my favorite boy in Gilmore Girls and so as a loyal GG fan I felt obligated to watch this new show. AND I FELL IN LOVE. I love everything about this show and in the past 7 years I have gotten approx. 45 different people to start watching it, own every season and avidly internet search to find out the next seasons spoilers. I'm obsessed. Healthily of course. :)

Now what compels me to do another post about this fabulous series you ask...?

Two things:
1. Season 7 comes out on DVD in the next couple of weeks and Season 8 is due to start up in a month.
2. Almost every time I search the Bloggerverse for new blogs or look at various reviews on Goodreads... I tend to discover more and more supernatural fans.

It makes me SOOOO happy when I see a GIF of Castiel or a picture of Dean. I love this show soooo much and it is always nice to see those who are equally in love. The greatest thing about being a blogger is getting to meet/talk to a bunch of people who love the same kinds of things that you do, whether that be a book, movie or TV show, it is just a great feeling.


Unknown said...

I've been reading some of your blog for a few weeks and i'm totally loving it! I just saw this post about Supernatural and i ABSOLUTELY love this show! It's definitely been one of my favorites since I was a freshman in college! Can't wait for the new season to start in October!! Yay!

ps. check out my blog :)

Delilah (Del) said...

Ya, i'm completely obsessed! I LOVE this show!! All time favorite!

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