Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Book Signing Event: Susan Dennard

Hi guys... Just came out of the rock I've been hiding under for the last month... sorry about that. I would start to blog but alas... something would come up and I would think "I'll finish this later"... as you can see that didn't happen. Sorry... 

I did have a rather eventful day today however. As I have mentioned before I work at the local Barnes and Noble and from time to time we do off location book signing events. Susan Dennard author of Something Strange and Deadly came to our local library today and guess who got to be the Barnes and Noble representative...little old me! :) I was pretty thrilled. 

I'm about 140 pages into Something Strange and Deadly and I really am liking it. Honestly, I didn't know if I would, Zombie books just really aren't my thing, but honestly- it's really good so far. 

I got to meet Susan, and a few local bloggers. I actually even won one of the giveaway books... My original plan was to give it away here... but there was a little girl there who had saved up her birthday money... and I just couldn't resist. I HAD to give her my free copy. I got my copy signed and scored some swag that I will give away in a gift package later this year.

I had a really fun time at the book signing and I'm excited to be able to work the next one in July featuring: Anne Greenwood Brown.

Lots more posts coming super soon so keep a look out and thanks for sticking with me and my living-under-a-rock-ness. :)

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