Friday, October 5, 2012

Cover Loving

It seems like every time I either log onto Goodreads or Blogger I'm bombarded with an abundance of beautiful new covers. I LOVE BOOK COVERS! I'm not even going to lie to you... I totally judge books by their covers. I wanted to take some time to show you some of my favorite recent cover reveals. :) It feels like Christmas... only mean Christmas because I can't actually read any of these yet. :( Scoff.

If you follow this blog like at all... you probably have gathered that I AM IN LOVE WITH THE SELECTION. So when I was flipping through lists on goodreads and saw this had a cover... I did a happy dance. A mental happy dance... my room is cold and I"m wearing shorts I didn't want to get out of the covers. Red is my favorite color... I SO LOVE RED, and I just want to dance around in that big poofy dress. This is my most anticipated release of 2013...easily.
This series has the most stunningly beautiful covers. I love them all. They are going to look so great next to each other on my bookshelf. :) I love how the artist uses the swirls weaving around Kate. It's so pretty.
That was fast. The first book isn't even out yet... You don't see that very often. I love the colors in this cover. Particularly the red against the beige color.It manages to be peaceful and chaotic at the same time.

What are some of your favorite new covers?

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