Monday, September 10, 2012

Time Will Come

Monday, Monday (da da da da da da) ... What do I like about Mondays... hmm...nothing, except talking about books that have been on my shelf FAR FAR too long. After watching Toy Story 3 I always feel super bad for neglecting any inanimate objects that may be laying around my room feeling unloved. (Sorry old barbie dolls stuffed in a bin in my closet)... I feel remotely better on Mondays however because this is the day where I get to sit and stare at my shelf and pick one book in particular and vow that I will in fact read it...eventually. This week's Time Will Come post features:

Ripple was the obvious choice for me this week. When the book was released I remember hearing such wonderful things about it which is initially why I bought the book, but we all know how it goes: You buy a bunch of books at a time, focus on one, and then by the time you finish it you have a bunch of new books to choose from and the other books get shoved on the shelf.

Nic is borrowing this one from me right now and keeps telling me how good the book is, and how I will devour it in one sitting... and she knows me better than anyone else so I'm inclined to take her word for it and read this one when I get the chance. Of course...that would require Nic actually finishing a book ;) (love you N)

That's it for me right now. What has been collecting dust on your shelves?


Nichole said...

I just read too much at once, sorry... It's my goal to have it finished by tomorrow night. SO would you like me to send it to you when I am done or are you going to continue letting it sit on your shelf?

Delilah (Del) said...

Well... I for sure have 4 I'm going to read ahead of it... but I might read it after that. I'm planning on coming home and picking it up sometime in Sept. :)

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