Thursday, March 29, 2012

Can't Stop Gushing About...

Lately, I've been watching a little bit of TV. (Which is unusual considering my lack of time to do so) However, I've been pretty regularly watching some of my favorite shows. (Thank you DVR!!!) I've been watching some of the oldies: Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Glee, and How I Met Your Mother, and some of the really great new shows like Smashed and New Girl. My favorite new show... that I will be gushing about this week is...

Once Upon a Time!!!

This show really isn't like anything else that I've seen before on TV. (With one big exception being the mini-series The 10th Kingdom that was aired in 2000) I really enjoy that every character has a different story, and each episode covers a different character and their fairy tale. Some of my favorite episodes include: 
Red Handed - which is the REAL story of Little Red Riding Hood. This episode is amazing it balances out just the right amount of fairy tale, suspense and creepy. I love how the writers have so effortlessly woven all the fairy tales together. Red Riding Hood is friends with Snow White. Snow White's Prince is betrothed to Midas' daughter. The genie in the lamp is really the man in the magic mirror. I just love the creativity behind the show. The costumes are stunning, the scenery is so vibrant and stunning. 

Seriously, If you haven't started watching this show yet... you really should. Everyone that I've met that has started it... has become hooked. 

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