Thursday, February 9, 2012

Can't Stop Gushing About...

I was being very diligent doing my math homework... and then BAM my calculator runs out of batteries, and naturally I'm at the library instead of my apartment and did not bring any spare batteries. Unfortunately, I still have another hour that I have to put into the math here at the library in order to fulfill my 2 hours a week. SO... my plan... stay signed in... and instead of doing math... I'll blog. :) There is really a lot of things that I can't stop gushing about this week. Here is just a taste of the runners up for the week:

1. Dance Moms on Lifetime - It is sooo awful... But I love it so much! I can sit and watch this show for hours.
2. Adele -21 - This Album is GOLD! I think it is soooo wonderful! I love Adele!
3. My boyfriend - ;) Not gonna lie... I gush about him all the time... but I'm also not a crazy person who posts all about her boyfriend on her book blog... and I don't want you all to puke... or Nic to puke... Nic would puke.
4. Boy Meets World - Previously mentioned boyfriend bought me the first 4 seasons for my birthday. :) We've been watching up a storm.
5. Les Mis- This post will come eventually, I am so in love with this musical... and hey they're making it into a movie.
6. Hunger Games- this post will come later too... probably right after or right before the movie is released.
7. Fairy Tale Influenced Entertainment- Once Upon a Time, Mirror Mirror, the new Kristen Stewart movie thats coming out about Snow White and the Huntsman that I can't remember the title to right now. I love this kind of stuff.

SO many good options right?! I bet you are sitting at the edge of your desk chair/bed/kitchen table in anticipation to find out what the chosen Gush is this week...

This week I can't stop gushing about...

Sappy Romance Movies

I figured it was appropriate considering it's almost Valentines Day and all. I, personally, am not a huge fan of the "holiday." It's pretty much a day that puts pressure on a relationship or reminds the single that they are in fact... single. I just think it's kind of a pointless day and that if you are in a relationship you should be showing each other how much you love them everyday. However... one great thing about Valentines day... The movies. BECAUSE it's Valentines day... I can sucker Jared into watching a MAJOR chick flick because it's supposed to be a romantic day. ;) So I thought I'd make a little list of my personal favorite Sappy Romance Movies. 

1. Tristan and Isolde: I am a sap for forbidden love... and James Franco might be the sexiest man ever to walk the earth. What's more... He's a kick ass actor. He portrays the heartbroken, conflicted man SOOO well... It's SOOO amazing. I could watch this movie on repeat. 

2. The Notebook: You can't talk about Sappy Romance Movies and not bring up The Notebook. It really is like the Queen of the category after all. Rachel McAdams is one of my favorite actresses, and Ryan Gosling is another actor that just plays heartbroken SOO well. It's just such a beautiful movie. 

3. Time-Travelers Wife: Rachel McAdams really is the queen of Romance movies. I can't watch this movie without crying. A lot. 

4. Becoming Jane: James McAvoy is my ALL TIME favorite romantic actor. He is so expressive with his facial expressions that I believe every word that he says. Any movie that man is in is gold. 

5. Pride and Prejudice: I really don't think this one needs an explanation... it's a classic. :)

I also really really really want to see THE VOW starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams (surprise). 

Do you have any favorite Sappy Romance Movies?


Anonymous said...

I love Fairy Tale Influenced Entertainment as well. I'm a huge sucker for books that put a new spin on fairy tales.

Anonymous said...

My favorite romantical movie is "When Harry Met Sally." And the husband actually willingly watches this one (over and over) with me! I've been trying to convince my husband to go see "The Vow" with me, without much luck. I know it will be a terrible movie, but I don't care!

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