Friday, October 14, 2011

Review'd: Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick

Book Review:
Title: Silence
Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
Release date: Oct. 4 2011, Simon and Schuster Children's Publishing
Rating: 5 stars

Goodreads Summary: 
The noise between Patch and Nora is gone. They've overcome the secrets riddled in Patch's dark past...bridged two irreconcilable worlds...faced hear-wrenching tests of betrayal, loyalty and trust...and all for a love that will transcend the boundary between heaven and earth. Armed with nothing but their absolute faith in one another, Patch and Nora enter a desperate fight to stop a villain who holds the power to shatter everything they've worked for- and their love- forever.

DeLibrarie (del) Review:
I think it might be a three way tie between Fallen, Hush Hush, and The Gemma Doyle series for my overall favorite YA series. I loved Silence... the only reason that it didn't get 5 stars is because it didn't feel like a final book to me... It felt more like a book leading up to the final epic story. It was still really good, but I felt like we really didn't learn many new things, the book was mostly Nora remembering the 5 months that she had forgotten. Don't get me wrong it's a super fast, epic, fun read... but to me it was just missing the amount of EPICNESS that needs to be in a final book, especially a final book of a series that is this popular.

Later Added: maybe it sounded like a book leading into the final book... because it is... I just did a little research and found out that there is going to be another Hush,Hush book, and BECAUSE the only reason that I gave it four stars originally was because I felt like the series was left unfinished... I'm giving it 5 stars now that I know it isn't the ending.

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