Saturday, May 28, 2011

Down The Rabbit Hole Saturday Discussion Response...

Happy Saturday All! Hopefully you got the chance to sleep in... I didn't. Today is the one Saturday all summer that I have to work, AND I had to come in about an hour early... so 7:30 on a Saturday. Yuck!

So I was catching up on all of the wonderful book blogs that I follow and happened to run across one of Down The Rabbit Hole   Saturday Discussions. The topic today was, "How to Tackle Your TBR Pile."

I swear, I either call or e-mail my best friend basically every other day forcing her to choose from at least 3 different books that I can't decided between. I have a couple issues with my reading/books: 1. I read SUPER fast, so it takes me a day to read a book, and if I'm in the mood I'll usually average about 3 books in 3 days, but then my eyes get really mad at me and make me take a week or so off. 2. I go to Barnes and Noble at least 4 times a week... SO... I read about 3 a week and buy about 4 a week... see where this goes horribly wrong... WAY TOO MANY BOOKS with NO time.

Something that REALLY weighs (or I try to make it) on my final decision is whether or not it is party of a series. For example. I've had Die For Me by Amy Plum sitting on my shelf for 2 weeks now. It has been SO HARD to see it's beautifulness everyday and not pick it up and devour it completely... but it's a book 1 in a series which means that I'll have to wait an entire YEAR to read the next one... I currently have this problem with... The Fallen Series, Hush Hush, Wings, Unearthly, Falling Under, Delirium, Matched and The Goddess Test... I have had to wait over a year for some of the books in these series... and others are book 1s. I hate waiting...

Ugh, So like I mentioned earlier... I end up calling my best friend and reading her the summaries and weighing the goods and bads of each option, and why I do want to, or am hesitant in choosing any particular book... It takes forever, and sometimes I use to very scientific process of eeni, meenie, minie, moe. Mostly I just stare at my bookshelf with a look of dread and finally choose one that looks pretty.


Amber said...

I'm a new follower! Thanks so much for doing a response post. Like you, I have a best friend that i have tag along with me to the bookstore so she can help narrow down my pile of books to buy. I usually tell her how many I'm allowed to buy and then hand her a big old stack and make her whittle it down for me.Maybe I should get her involved when I choose books too! See, unlike you, I have the opposite problem: I read really slowly. Great post!

Delilah (Del) said...

What would we do without our best friends?! Actually have to make decisions. :)

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