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Hi All! I started this blog years ago as a way to keep in touch with my long distance best friend by talking about our favorite thing, books. :) We were both in college when we made our beautiful blog and now we are all grown up. Nichole is married and living off in the west coast and I'm in the twin cities where my boyfriend and I just moved into our beautiful new condo. Life happened there for a while and Nichole and I were a little too busy to keep our blogger lives going and I sort of fell off the bloggersphere for a while. Life has calmed down a little bit (or I learned to manage my time better), and DeLibrarie is up and going again. It's just me here now writing reviews and posting some goodies but I will leave Nichole's touch on the blog because whether she likes it or not- it's still half hers. :) I decided to leave our "old" about us information below and of course all of her old reviews up. Hope you enjoy!


Spring 2008

Fall 2007

Hi All! Welcome to our baby: DeLibrarie! Run by Delilah and Nichole! We have been bestest buddies since we joined cheerleading together at the end of our Sophomore year of high school back in 2006. Now we are both Seniors in college (2011). Nichole is an English, Theatre double major at Minnesota State University in Mankato, and Delilah is an English Education major at The University of South Dakota. We are OBSESSED with reading, each of us has a RIDICULOUS amount of books... and every day we stare at our bookshelves in awe at the amount of books that we still have to read. It's daunting really... We are SOOOO happy that you stopped by our blog! We love having a way to talk about the things that we love: reading and then talking about reading. :) Feel free to contact us about anything!

And Now a little interview to get to know us a little better:Young Adult Books Interview with Nichole
Age: 22
Favorite Finished Series: Hex Hall
Favorite Unfinished Series: The Selection or Die For Me, I LOVE both of those series!
Favorite YA Genre: Fantasy, Dystopic, Paranormal Romance
Favorite Reread: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban or Twilight... I know, I know...they just make me happy :) get over it.
Favorite Book: This usually changes on a pretty consistent basis but right now I would say The Near Witch. Read it!!!
Favorite Good Boy: Tamani from Wings... I love green eyes...
Favorite Bad Boy: Patch. Nuff' said.
Favorite Book Turned Movie: The Hunger Games!!!
Book You Want To Become A Movie/TV Show: In the Forest of the Night and its sequels but ONLY IF THEY DID IT CORRECTLY AND INCLUDED EVERYTHING...they ALWAYS leave stuff out... :(
Favorite YA Author: Amy Plum
Favorite Fairy Tale: Cinderella
Favorite Book Character: Prince Maxon from The Selection by Kiera Cass
Character Most Like You: Honestly, I'm not sure... I'll let you know when I come across someone :)
Favorite Cover: Tie. Reincarnation and Crescendo...opposite styles but both so gorgeous... I literally have to force myself to stop looking at those two covers whenever I see them...its bad.
Most Anticipated Book: Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick
Age You Started Reading: 4ish. The first time I ever read a book on my own was the moment I first fell in love. It's one of my fondest memories...
Favorite Song: Dancing in the Moonlight. Can't get enough of it.
Favorite Band: Don't have one. Maybe Yellowcard? I like so many different styles of  music that i'd be hard to pick one genre, not to mention one band.
Favorite Season: Summer. I love the heat, the water, allowing my skin to feel the wind, summer romances, seeing old friends... I could go on.
Favorite Place To Read: In the window seat in my room. It's comfy, relaxing and it looks over a bit of forest which allows my imagination to wander when imagining a book.
Best Actor for a Character: Tie again...sorry...Emma Watson as Hermione or Taylor Lautner as Jacob. They were perfect for those roles.
Favorite Book to discuss: Twilight because there's so much passion there, whether they hate it or love it and why... you can always get an interesting reaction when mentioning that book.
Borrow or Buy: BOTH! However I can get my hands on it, I am game! Though if it's good enough to buy I usually end up buying it later.
Favorite Current Show: 
Favorite Finished Show: Firefly... WHY DID THEY CANCEL IT?!
Favorite Disney Movie: Mulan or Aladdin
Superhero: Batman. A true hero that goes above and beyond which allows him the title of being "Super." I'd marry him if I could (since I can't be him ha)
Favorite Disney Princess: hmmm...Rapunzel. (because she looks like me), Belle (because our personalities are identical), Cinderella (because she has great endurance), Ariel (Because she's awesome and has a fun story). Sorry I can't make decisions!! I tried :)

Age: 22
Favorite Finished Series: Gemma Doyle Trilogy by Libba Bray 
Favorite Unfinished Series: SO MANY!! Hush, Hush, Unearthly and The Selection are probably my top 3 though.
Favorite YA Genre: Paranormal Romance is my favorite, but there really isn't a YA genre that I straight up don't like.
Favorite Reread: I've read Ella Enchanted countless times. LOVE THAT BOOK!
Favorite Book: This is a super difficult question... but I think A Great and Terrible Beauty might be my all time favorite book. 
Favorite Good Boy: Prince Maxon from The Selection
Favorite Bad Boy: Patch. mmmmmmmm (licks lips)
Favorite Book Turned Movie: Hunger Games... for sure. I cry through the whole thing.
Book You Want To Become A Movie/TV Show: Probably The Selection... which is great because they ARE turning it into a tv show!!
Favorite YA Author: Libba Bray
Favorite Fairy Tale: Alice in Wonderland
Favorite Book Character: Sophie from Hex Hall. I love the girl's snark; sooo fun to read!
Character Most Like You: Probably Nora from Hush, Hush. She over analyzes EVERYTHING and has just a little too much fascination with those bad boys.
Favorite Cover: I am IN LOVE with the cover to Embers and Echoes by Karsten Knight!!!!!!
Most Anticipated Book:  I always have a book that i'm chomping at the bit to get my hands on. Right now it's probably Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick but after that it's going to be Boundless by Cynthia Hand.
Age You Started Reading: I honestly couldn't tell ya. My mom used to read me to sleep when I was super young. She would read to me everyday and then when I learned to read, I would read to her. I don't remember when I started to read, but I know I've always loved it. 
Favorite Song: Dancing in the Moonlight. Can't get enough of it.
Favorite Band: This changes a lot for me but I'd say the bands that are usually always on this list includes: Queen, Aerosmith, Fall Out Boy and Panic and the Disco! 
Favorite Season: I go back and forth between Summer and Winter all the time. I love driving in my car with the music blaring and the wind in my hair... but I'm going to have to say Winter. I love to skate, and I love cuddling up in a big sweater with a cup of hot cocoa, reading a book. Nothing beats it.
Favorite Place To Read: In my blue papaszan chair. It's the perfect size.
Best Actor for a Character: Katniss. Jennifer Lawrence is perfect! She plays Katniss perfectly!
Favorite Book to discuss: Hunger Games. There are so many cool themes in this book that the english major in me is just elated when I get to talk about them.
Borrow or Buy: Buy. I'm a mega book snob, I hate borrowing other peoples books.
Favorite Current Show: Supernatural and Awkward.
Favorite Finished Show: Gilmore Girls, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Boy Meets World.
Favorite Disney Movie: Beauty and the Beast
Superhero: Thor. I know that technically he's a God but I love his story. I'm a big mythology lover.
Favorite Disney Princess: Belle...easiest question ever. 

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